Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Out of control

This is for the IWSG for September, although I notice I haven't really posted since August. Honestly, I've been thinking a little about shutting the blog down.

Currently, my writing is a little out of control. I don't mean that I'm producing huge amounts on some runaway rollercoaster of writing. I mean more that I'm not sure what I'm producing with any of my pieces, or when. I'm writing, and writing, and I'm sure the number of words on everything is growing, but I'm not sure at what point I'll be ready. I have like five beginnings for one novel, all clustered together.

But maybe it's okay, things being out of control. I finished a novel early this year, so I've got something big of my own done this year. I have the stuff in the day job where everything is rigidly ordered. Maybe it's just about being honest and saying that for me, my own writing is play. I'm writing because I like making things up and writing them down, and it's okay for that to be a little out of control.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Yeah, sometimes the writing is amazing and sometimes it's just forced. Persevere. Take a break and read a lot.

Huntress said...

I think it's everywhere, this writerly dry spell. Summers are like that.

Look at other blogs. They don't produce much either so don't let that bother you.

As far as writing/producing, sounds like you are 'full steam ahead', LOL. Lots of projects in your head, one completed last spring. Sounds good to me!
Just Keep On Truckin'

Suzanne Sapsed said...

I've noticed a lot of bloggers the past few months are re-evaluating their blogging. I use mine as a - hopefully - friendly diary and don't worry if I post 10 days on the trot, or not at all for several weeks. There seems to be this feeling that one needs to blog - and once that happens I think it takes the pleasure away and becomes a chore. Hope you can find a happy medium :) x

Raquel Byrnes said...

That's good! You're in 'the zone' for now...enjoy it!
Edge of Your Seat Stories

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Ah, Stu, can I relate. For quite awhile I've felt as if it was pointless. But even then I knew that was a state of mind that would pass. And--it did. But man did it take awhile. Whatever you're feeling is valid. Maybe the thing to do is to just go with it for now. Get through this day, then the next, and next. Keep blogging. I promise it's worth the effort even if you don't think so at this moment.

Donna Hole said...

Sometimes you just gotta write to please yourself, even if it does not make sense.