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Thomas Greene is facing all the usual questions after university: what to do with his life, should he take the job he's just been offered even though it means leaving his girlfriend Nicola, why are eight foot tall fairy assassins suddenly interested in him? Finding the answers to at least one of those questions takes him into a magical world full of vengeful princesses, impossible dream figments, and not very nightmare-ish nightmares. He has to travel the length of the Court of Dreams, hoping to find a way out, Nicola, and some reason why he can do things he really shouldn't be able to. Possibly not in that order. Buy From Amazon.

Searching and Witch Hunt are my two Urban Fantasy novels, written a little while before CofD and featuring rather fewer jokes. They follow Stephen Neilson, full time Tracker of supernatural threats and a snake shifter stuck in a cold climate, as he tries to come to terms with the murderous nature of his job. Searching follows him as he tries to locate missing supernatural assassin Amy Winter. Witch Hunt sees him trying to prove his girlfriend's innocence when she is accused of murders with an obviously demonic element.

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