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Being a list of assorted writing credits and links, to make it easy for anyone who wants to find more of my work to do so.

Reviews of My Work

Fishing for Worlds by Stuart Sharp ends this anthology and, boy, does it end on a high note. This ranks up there with my favourites. I really, really/i> liked the concept. Let me just say that the title is not a typo. Whilst you’re looking for Deliverance (and any other stories that strike your fancy), look for this too. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. It’s very rare that vague-like settings work for me, but this worked very nicely indeed. I loved the tone of this, the way it echoed how I imagine Timothy must be and sound. The way it leaves open questions and new paths… Yes, liked this. Liked this quite a bit.”

Shanra Cooper-http://libritouches.wordpress.com/2009/05/16/semaphore-annual-2008/

“In “Last Orders,” Stuart Sharp tells the story of humanity’s last few moments on Earth. You might think that’s a morbid little tale, and you’d be right, but it’s also a fun romp of a story. Sharp makes the seemingly endless dialogue between a barkeeper and his last customer flow smoothly, and at the same time that you want to tap them on the shoulder and point out that there are only a few minutes left, you’re revelling in the familiar drama of day-to-day life. “Last Orders” is distinctly reminiscent of the start to Douglas AdamsHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but that resemblance does it more good than harm.”


I have ghost written numerous novels, covering everything from Young Adult fantasy, to sci-fi rom-com, humorous cyber-punk, twisted space opera and delicious fairy tales. Those portions of my work that I am allowed to talk about include contributions to the 'What Really Happened' collection of humorous historical fiction pieces by K. Lenart, and work on several sci-fi novels with Arran Gimba.

My Novels

My own novels cover two genres. Those for DDP are urban fantasy, and quite dark, written at a point when I didn't think it was acceptable to make jokes when writing. With my most recent one, thankfully, I have learned better.
Searching, Double Dragon Publishing (2009)
Witch Hunt, Double Dragon Publishing (2010)
Court of Dreams, Pink Narcissus Press (2011)

Short Stories

‘Fishing for Worlds’ Semaphore Magazine http://www.semaporemagazine.com/ , vol 1, issue 4, September 2008 and 2008 anthology
‘A Madder Scientist’ Semaphore Magazine, vol 2, issue 1, December 2008 and anthology
‘My Faerie Cat’ Aphelion www.Apelion-webzine.com, December 2008-January 2009
‘Last Orders’ Semaphore Magazine, vol 2, issue 2, March 2009
‘The Apocalypse Factor’ Semaphore Magazine, vol 2, issue 4, September 2009 and anthology
‘The Woods and a Wedding’ Bewildering Stories issue 340
‘Your Evil Horde Needs You’ Mirror Dance http://mirrordancefantasy.blogspot.com/ , Spring 2010
‘Guard Duty’ Bards and Sages, July 2010
‘Receipt for a Dragon’ Aphelion, December 2009-Jan 2010
‘Aftermath’ Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k), January 2010
‘The Greatest Thief’ Expressions, 1st January 2010
‘Basilisks and Brian (and a very bad first day)’ Aphelion, March 2010
‘Squired Up’ The Wry Writer, 1st April 2010
‘Undead and Upholstered’ eFiction, October 2010
‘The Affair of the Dark Lord in the Library’ Hogglepot Journal 6th-11th Feb 2011
‘Testing the Water’ in Rapunzel’s Daughters (Pink Narcissus Press, 2011)

Aphelion www.Apelion-webzine.com: ‘Magic Mirror’ October 2007, ‘Pest Control’ November 2007 and 2007 Best of Issue February 2008, ‘Hunting for Elves’ December 2007/January 2008, ‘Industrial Action’ March 2008 and Feb 2009 Best Of, ‘Resolutions (of a witch queen)’ May 2008, ‘Sonnet for an Orc’ June 2008 , ‘Hrongar the Barbarian Goes Shopping’ July 2008 ‘The Bride of Frankenherbert’ August 2008, ‘Mary’s Little Alien’ October 2008 and Feb 2009 Best Of, ‘Alternate Fuel’ December 2008- January 2009, ‘Motto of the Gnomish Postal Service’ August 2009

‘36 Watts’ Ancient Hearts Magazine July 2008

‘Lived In’ and ‘On My Feet’ Adagio Verse Quarterly, September 2008
‘In the Morning’ and ‘At the Summit’ March 2009

‘Tea Ceremony’ Words-Myth Magazine, Autumn 2008

‘Anti-Haiku’ Bewildering Stories, issue 312

‘In the Headlights’ Bolts of Silk, February 2009

‘The Art Show’ Pulsar, March 2009

‘Driving at Night’ Decanto April 2009

Numerous book related posts for Estella’s Revenge www.Estellasrevenge.com

www.etrusia.co.uk: ‘Links Between the Medieval Minsters of Beverley, Ripon and Southwell’ December 2007

‘Healing Narratives’ Inside Out Magazine, September 2008

www.bewilderingstories.com ‘Frankenstein: Monster and Morality’ issue 311, October 27 2008

Hundreds of SEO and blog articles on a wide variety of subjects.

E Books, Newsletters, Etc

I have written, rewritten, and edited e-books, booklets and brochures covering everything from marketing methods to self protection.